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Who am I Exactly?

Hey there, my name is Margaret and I’m a blogger/freelance writer. I got into the freelance & blogging business because I love writing and sharing tips with other people. I’d love it if everyone learned all the things, I’ve learned from these two journeys. So, here are the topics you’ll find me discussing:

Blogging Tips

As I’ve said before, I’ve started this blogging journey a year ago, and was able to make $1500 from my blog on the sixth month. I’ve learneda lot of things and made a lot of mistakes, so, here’s how I can help you out. 

Freelance Tips

My first gig was a freelance writing gig, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with writing and how it helps me express myself. Now I’m two years into freelance writing and I’m here to share all my expertise and knowledge.

SEO Tips

SEO is very important especially if you have a website or a store that you’re trying to make rank better. I was able to let my website rank #1 on Google in the last few months, and I’ll let you know on all the secrets of how I did it.

Learn SEO

I’m going to help you learn how to create an SEO friendly website that will appear better on search engines.


I’ll help you learn more about mobile-optimization and why it’s important for your blog.

Create A Website

I’m going to share my tips on how to create a website the same way I did and how to grow it as I did.

Master Writing Skills

Mastering your writing skills is important especially if you want to land more gigs. So, I’m here to help.

Attract More Clients

The best part about my blog is that it will help you land more clients and appeal to more people.

Rank higher

Learn how to rank higher on search engines and be loved by Google with these simple tips.

The Team

I might be the founder of this blog, but there’s a whole team
having my back and helping me grow.

Emily Pitbody

Mathew Norris

Hailie Lonlive

Robert Longisland

Guest posting

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